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Memorial Church - Sleeping Mats for the Homeless
Mats Constructed from Plastic Bags


A dedicated group of ladies at Memorial United Presbyterian Church have been lovingly constructing sleeping mats for the homeless using plastic bags donated by friends, church members, and folks who have heard about the project.  These ladies who meet twice each month are members who have joined the work since it began.

This project was started in September 2011 and by March 2017 the group has made approimately 80 mats.  Early on, the mats were donated to the Christ Episcopal Church homeless shelter in Xenia.  Recently the finished mats are being donated to St. Vincent DePaul shelters in Dayton, and locally to individuals in Xenia as needed.

The mats are constructed by cutting plastic bags in strips and connecting them together to make "plarn."  The plarn is then crocheted into a 6-foot by approximately 2.5-foot mat.  These mats are then rolled up and secured by a plarn rope which makes them portable for the homeless to carry.

Because it takes approximately 700 plastic bags to construct just one mat, this project benefits the homeless, but also the environment.  These mats are keeping thousands upon thousand of bags out of local landfills.

For anyone interested in joining the loving fellowship of this group, or information about the mats, please contact the church office at 376-9461.

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